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Government budget shortfalls & Legitimate businesses revenue reduction:

Counterfeit goods

Tax fraud

Excise tax evasion


Data analytics
Excise and brand goods sales tracking
Online Cash Registers
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Online cash registers

1. Problem

  • Underreporting income in retail sales (shops, restaurants, taxis, etc.)
  • Non-issuance of receipts
  • Manipulation of revenue data in cash registers
  • Fake excise stamps
  • Counterfeit goods sales

2. Solution

  • Online capturing of the sales data with automatic data transmission to the central database
  • Seamless integration with POS software
  • Capability for smart phones to serve as cash registers
  • Excise goods sale tracking
  • Automated fraud detection and risk assessment

3. Result

  • Increasing the government’s tax revenues, by reducing the size of the shadow economy.
  • Reducing the amount of sales without invoices (grey economy).
  • Enhancing market competition by reducing tax avoidance.
  • Strong support of the control and selection processes of the General Tax
  • Authority of Qatar.

What is online cash register?

Online cash register is the kind of cash register with ability to capture and transmit data on performed transactions

PCs and smart phones as cash registers
Captures data for immediate transmission to central database
Endpoint control for supply chains to tackle counterfeit
Online cash register cash
Offline mode in case of unavailable service or network
Ability for customers to check the correctness of the receipt online
Tracking of the excise goods sales

Data Capturing process

Complex analytics are performed to detect illegal activities


Merchant makes a sale


Central server generates a unique reference number


Cash register prints a receipt with the reference number


Client uses the reference number to check if the receipt is genuine


All data on cash transactions (receipts, reports) is collected in central database


System provides tools for fraud detection and risk assessment

Webkassa today


5 years on the market

Best selling* online cashier machine in Kazakhstan (17.6% market share)

Almost 1 billion receipts issued

About 200 000 cashier machines

More than 150 000 clients

    Major customers:

  • Technodom, Alser (major consumer electronics chains)
  • Gas Energy, Helios (major gas station chains)
  • PharmaCom (pharmacy chain)
  • Air Astana, Burger King, Philip Morris Kazakhstan

    Major partners:

  • Alfa Bank (Major Russian private bank)
  • Kcell (Major telecommunication company in Kazakhstan)
  • 1C (Russian software development company)
  • Keruen, Dostyk Plaza (biggest malls)

International experience


International experience


increase in VAT collection

In Austria, electronic sales recording tools are expected to bring in an additional EUR 900 million in tax revenues.

In Hungary, electronic cash registers were installed with electronic monitoring. After the first year of operation, VAT revenue increased by 15% in the concerned sectors. The increase in VAT revenues has exceeded the overall cost of introducing the new systems.

In Rwanda, electronic cash registers were introduced in March 2013. By 2015, VAT collected on sales had increased by 20%.

In Sweden, since 2010, 135 000 cash registers are connected to electronic monitoring. This includes all companies selling goods and services paid in cash. Increased VAT and income tax revenues has been estimated to around SEK 3 billion (EUR 300 million) per annum since the legislation was implemented.

In Russia in 2017 retail sector demonstrated a 38% increase VAT collection compared to 2016

Webkassa use cases

Tax control

Sales data are sent to tax authorities
Tax authorities compare declared income with registered sales
Tax authorities detect merchants whose sales patterns significantly differs from their peers

Excise tax stamps sales control

Excise stamps are scanned during the sales process
System controls if there are any duplicate tax stamps detected
System compares amount of excise goods received by the merchant with the amount of goods sold

Big malls rentals sales

Seamless integrations with merchants POS systems
Tenants assessment basing on their sales numbers
Use receipt for mall-wide campaigns (lotteries, free parking, bonus points etc.)


Ending part of the supply chains Merchant scans the unique mark on brand goods for authenticity and duplication control System compares amount of brand goods received by the merchant with the amount of goods sold

Many more!

Part of loyalty systems
Prescription drug sales control
Sales data analytics